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Is there any way to avoid the New York City residency tax

View the transcript Want to avoid paying the New York City residency tax? If you spend 182 days or less in the city you can avoid paying the NYC residency tax. Feel free to own a second home in the city, but your primary home needs to be elsewhere. It’s important to...

New York Residency Audit Case

Residency audits are common in New York because both New York State and New York City have their own state and local income taxes, complicating the tax code that most already find very difficult to navigate. One of our clients recently underwent a Residency audit,...

Schedule A Itemized Deductions Tax Audit Case

When filing taxes, individual taxpayers can itemize, or list out, certain deductions if doing this would be more than their standard deduction. Schedule A is the federal tax form that itemized deductions are reported on. The most common types of itemized deductions...

Self-Employed Tax Audit Case

As a self-employed individual, it’s especially important to file your taxes with care. When you’re self-employed, the responsibility falls solely on you to keep proper books and records. No matter what industry you work in, you should be proactive about accurate...

Important Realtor Tax Filing Dates for 2018

Being aware of important tax filing dates as a realtor is the best way to avoid paying any penalties and unnecessary fees. As a realtor, you file self-employment taxes. In most cases, this means also paying quarterly taxes, which requires that you know many different...

5 Biggest Mistakes Realtors Make When Filing Taxes

Realtors have a lot on their plate. They have to market their business, meet with prospective clients, and build their personal brand. Filing taxes is likely low on your list of priorities, and it can be easy to make mistakes when navigating this often confusing...

Realtors’ Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the tax process as a realtor can be complicated. Whether this is your first time filing as self-employed or you’ve been filing this way for many years, there are many unique factors that contribute to determining just how much you’ll owe the IRS each year....


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