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Buy Quickbooks and Save

You can purchase the most recent version of QuickBooks at a savings of up to
by clicking on the QuickBooks graphic directly below this paragraph.

, Buy Quickbooks and Save

Click on the link below to learn about the powerful features of the following QuickBooks programs.

QuickBooks Simple Start

QuickBooks Simple Start organizes your financial information all in one place,
so everything is easy to find. It simplifies all your accounting tasks and presents the information you need exactly the way
you need it. And now it’s easier to use and more flexible than ever!

Start saving time right away!

Now, easier to use and more flexible, QuickBooks Basic makes managing your small business finances faster and easier
than ever. Now, you can access the improved Help & Support Center from more places… and type your question in plain

You can schedule automated data backups onto more types of media, including CD-ROMs (Windows XP only). You get more
flexibility when printing forms. And you can create a budget more easily.

Want more options for customizing your forms? A way to create a budget instantly and automatically? Want to flow
information from QuickBooks into other business applications-and vice versa? Then take a look at QuickBooks Pro. And if you
want all that, plus planning tools to help you achieve better results, check out QuickBooks Premier.

Key Advantages

  • Track of your sales and expenses automatically as you create receipts or invoices, and make
  • Includes everything you need to organize customer information, pay your bills and prepare for tax time.
  • Simple to set up, learn, and use.
  • Keeps you organized, efficient, accurate.
  • New customization option lets you create professional-looking estimates and invoices with a few
  • Find any transaction fast. Get totals automatically without writing formulas or doing

QuickBooks Pro

Advanced tools that increase your productivity and help
look more professional

QuickBooks Pro offers advanced, yet easy-to-use tools for small businesses
that want to manage their finances more effectively and efficiently. In addition
to all the features of QuickBooks Basic, it offers more power and flexibility.

For instance, it automates job costing and time tracking. It allows you to
create multiple estimates per job. It gives you over 100 forms templates and
lots of control over the look and content of your forms. It lets you create a
monthly budget with just one click of your mouse.

QuickBooks Pro can save you time by
letting you share your customer, vendor, inventory and financial data with more
than 100 popular business applications, including Microsoft Word, Excel,
Outlook, and ACT!

Order the Pro Edition 5-User Pack, and you can give as many as 5 networked users access to
your company’s QuickBooks file at the same time.

Key Advantages

  • More than 100 timesaving form templates
  • Powerful forms customization options
  • Creates a budget with one click
  • Shares data with more than 100 business software applications
  • Tracks job cost, tracks time and allows multiple estimates per job
  • Allows up to 5 simultaneous users (5-User Pack only; requires local area
  • Lets you assign custom price levels to different customers

QuickBooks Premier

Achieve better results!

An exciting recent addition to the QuickBooks family, QuickBooks Premier
is designed for businesses who want to manage their finances and improve the
long-term performance of their business.

It offers a comprehensive set of tools
that include everything in QuickBooks Pro, plus advanced tools and features
that help you take your business further. It helps you quickly and easily create
a business plan to help you get loans or financing.

QuickBooks Premier also includes a
sophisticated analysis tool that actually measures your financial performance
against averages for your industry and make expert recommendations to help you
improve it.

Key Advantages

  • New management and planning tools help you achieve better results
  • Builds a business plan and forecast based on your finances
  • Analyzes your finances and makes expert recommendations
  • Tracks sales orders
  • Tracks components and finished goods for more accurate inventory
  • Flexibility to work from home or the road via the Internet
  • Easy upgrade automatically transfers your existing QuickBooks data

QuickBooks Retail: Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale software for retailers makes it faster and
easier to track sales, inventory and customer information. It turns an ordinary PC into a cash register.

QuickBooks Point of Sale software gives you the convenience you want with the control you need to manage and
analyze your business.

Key Advantages

  • Rings up sales like a cash register. Stores sales, inventory and customer information for better reporting
    and decision-making.
  • Tracks inventory, so you know what inventory you have on hand without doing a manual count.
  • Stores customer information, including name, contact information and items purchased.
  • Never enter sales information into QuickBooks Financial Software again!
  • Works with Intuit-tested point of sale hardware – receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner and credit
    card swipe.

QuickBooks Point of Sale software lets you easily transfer summarized sales data to QuickBooks Pro or Premier
(bought separately), so you’ll never have to re-enter sales information into QuickBooks Financial Software

Get the Complete Solution
When you buy QuickBooks Point of Sale software, you can also purchase the
Intuit-tested hardware package, which includes a receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner and credit card

QuickBooks Premier: Contractors Edition

Custom Built For Contractors

Introducing QuickBooks Premier: Contractor Edition, a first-ever addition to the existing QuickBooks family
of products used by more than 350,000 contractors.

Premier: Contractor Edition is custom-built for contractors. It simplifies the work of running your
contracting business-from paying bills to estimating, invoicing, and job costing – so you can manage your business
more effectively and free yourself for the work that makes a difference to your customers.

It lets you create more accurate and complete estimates, with change orders, and instantly see where you are
making money and where you are losing money.

With customized set-up help, a custom contractor menu and navigator, and customizable forms templates,
there’s never been an easier way to take charge of your contracting business.

Key Advantages

  • Custom job-costing reports let you see which jobs are making money-and which are not.
  • Track change orders and get client approvals in writing.
  • Nine reports specialized for contractors keep you on top of your business.
  • Contractor Menu and Navigator give you one-click access to your key contractor activities and
  • Contractor-customized help and tips to help you get more from QuickBooks.
  • More than 100 new form designs and more customization options.
  • Automatically converts your existing QuickBooks files.
  • Works like other QuickBooks products, so you can be assured it’s fast and easy-to-use.
  • Includes everything in QuickBooks Pro and Premier.

QuickBooks Premier: Professional Services Edition

QuickBooks Professional Services Edition is an all-in-one solution
recommended for consulting, engineering, architecture, law, graphic design firms, and many other types of small businesses.
QuickBooks: Professional Services makes it faster and easier to manage projects, clients, and to automate invoicing without
giving up flexibility.

QuickBooks: Professional Services software gives you the convenience you want, with the control you need to manage
and analyze your business.

Key Advantages

  • Create and track invoices in QuickBooks, then send the data to Word documents that look just like those
    you used to create manually. No need to retype any information.
  • Get instant access to contact information, balances and transaction histories for any client, all in one
  • Set multiple hourly billing rate levels for your employee, client or service, and apply them to invoices any way you
  • Gain insight into your business with 17 Professional Services reports, including reports that keep you on top of
    your projects and show where you’re making or losing money.
  • Streamline financial tasks by turning estimates or proposals into invoices with one click, and emailing them as PDF

QuickBooks Premier: Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition

QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition is an all-in-one
solution recommended for manufacturers and wholesalers. QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition makes it faster
and easier to create Bills of Materials, create customized pricing levels, track inventory, sales orders,

QuickBooks Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition software gives you the convenience you want, with the control
you need to manage and analyze your business.

Key Advantages

  • Create Bills of Material to easily track assembled products and their associated costs including both
    material and non-material costs.
  • 11 Manufacturing and Wholesale reports show where you where you’re making money and where you aren’t. See which
    items are on your shelves, and which out-of-stocks are costing you sales.
  • Price your products more profitably with tools that let you create up to 100 pricing levels per item.
  • The new Sales Order Fulfillment Worksheet shows all your open sales orders. And, it helps you select the orders to
    ship based on the criteria that are important to you.
  • The new, simplified QuickBooks Home Page gives you instant access to bills, bank accounts, customer and vendor data,
    and reports. Pay bills, print checks and track expenses with ease.

Start fast and get help when you need it. Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition includes a chart of accounts customized for
manufacturers and wholesalers and built-in tutorials on topics like inventory management. Plus, get FREE QuickBooks callback
support for 30 days following registration.

QuickBooks Premier: Nonprofit Edition

QuickBooks Nonprofit Edition is an all-in-one solution recommended to help
nonprofits easily show accountability to the Board of Directors. QuickBooks Nonprofit Edition is recommended if your work
involves charity, religious, human service, arts, education, or other tax-exempt groups.

Key Advantages

  • Nonprofit Edition organizes your financial information the way your Board of Directors, donors,
    and the IRS want to see it.
  • Automatically track your organization’s finances with the Nonprofit Chart of Accounts as you enter
    donations, fund programs, and pay bills. Plus, create a budget automatically.
  • Finish basic accounting tasks faster. Get direct access to bills, bank accounts, pledges, donations,
    vendors, and reports from the new simplified Home Page.
  • Streamline donation processing and fundraising. Turn pledge forms into thank you letters and receipts with
    just a few clicks. See contact information, pledge status and contribution history for any donor at a glance in the
    new Customer Center.
  • Generate any of the 8 nonprofit-specific reports with one click.

Start fast and get help when you need it, with in-product Help focused on nonprofit-specific issues, built-in
tutorials and FREE QuickBooks callback support for 30 days following registration.

QuickBooks Online Edition

QuickBooks Online Edition is an online version of QuickBooks, but instead
of installing it on your computer, you access and manage your data through a secure, encrypted Internet connection. Once
you’re setup, your data resides on QuickBooks remote servers.

Key Advantages

  • Access your financial data anywhere, any time. Update your financial records, run reports, and track
    income and expenses from your home, office, on the road, or anywhere you can access an Internet-connected PC.
  • Grant access to multiple users. Give employees and your accountant limited access so they can update timesheets,
    sales, expenses or review the books. No need to invest in a network.
  • Maintain total control of your data. Decide who has access, what they can see and what transactions they can
  • Protect your data from facility disasters and hardware failures with automatic daily backups and offsite data
  • Manage financial tasks easily online. Track expenses, write checks, invoice customers, and

Quickbooks online is ideal for companies with multiple locations or who have financial or other staff who telecommute

, Buy Quickbooks and Save

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