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Income Tax Amendments

Need an Income Tax Amendment? Call 212 Tax & Accounting Services

If you’re like most taxpayers, you likely dread the prospect of facing the Internal Revenue Service. Discovering that you must amend a prior year income tax return because of a mistake or because you believe you may be entitled to a refund can feel overwhelming. At 212 Tax & Accounting Services, our Manhattan tax accountants can help you file income tax amendments, while saving you the aggravation and confusion.

Solving Your Tax Problems

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service can be extremely challenging. If the IRS suspects that you owe them money, it has the power to garnish wages, freeze your bank accounts, seize other assets, and even put a lien on your residence. It might take time for the IRS to catch up to you, but when it does, it will be relentless. It’s essential that you take steps to file an income tax amendment as soon as you discover a problem with a prior year return. If you file your amended tax return before the IRS discovers the problem, you’ll be MUCH better off and possibly be able to get some or all of the penalties waived.

Unfortunately, changing an already filed return is more complex than it sounds. At 212 Tax, our NYC firm provides income tax amendment services to deal with a broad range of common tax issues. Whether you have spent years ignoring your tax liability by not filing your returns, you have misreported income, or you feel the federal government owes you money back, 212 Tax can help.

Back Taxes

For some individuals, amending one or more prior year returns to more accurately account for income, deductions and credits leads to a large tax bill – a bill comprised of taxes owed, interest and penalties. Although the IRS can take unpleasant steps, such as seizing your assets or garnishing your wages, it’s a complicated process that can take years. Rather than endure a lengthy, costly process, 212 Tax can help you meet your tax obligation now while also vigorously defending your rights as a taxpayer.

At 212 Tax, we’re happy to meet with the IRS on your behalf to discuss your tax return. Not only will you save stress and time, but your rights will also be further protected. IRS agents know that most taxpayers do not understand what questions they must answer, and which they can avoid answering. The tax accountants at 212 Tax, however, understand how the IRS works and will protect your rights. We can also help you analyze your IRS file, negotiate an Offer-in-Compromise, arrange a payment plan, avoid wage garnishment and asset seizure, and/or apply for Innocent Spouse Relief.

Don’t wait – what 212 Tax can negotiate for you will be better than what the IRS decides to do on its own.

Call 212 Tax Accounting Services

Whether you need to amend a prior year return because of additional income or because you feel the IRS owes you a refund, the tax accountants at 212 Tax can help. Contact us for a consultation, and find out how we’ll represent your rights while helping you better plan for future tax returns.

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