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Important Realtor Tax Filing Dates for 2018

Being aware of important tax filing dates as a realtor is the best way to avoid paying any penalties and unnecessary fees. As a realtor, you file self-employment taxes. In most cases, this means also paying quarterly taxes, which requires that you know many different...

5 Biggest Mistakes Realtors Make When Filing Taxes

Realtors have a lot on their plate. They have to market their business, meet with prospective clients, and build their personal brand. Filing taxes is likely low on your list of priorities, and it can be easy to make mistakes when navigating this often confusing...

Realtors’ Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating the tax process as a realtor can be complicated. Whether this is your first time filing as self-employed or you’ve been filing this way for many years, there are many unique factors that contribute to determining just how much you’ll owe the IRS each year....

Top 10 Realtor Deductions

Learning to maximize your deductions as a realtor is the smartest way to keep your costs down. There are a lot of expenses associated with being a realtor or a real estate broker, and being able to identify those deductions helps keep money in your pocket when filing...

Cryptocurrency and Taxes: What You Need to Know

Cryptocurrency has been on the rise in recent years as more and more investors recognize its potential as a profitable asset. One of the first cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, began in 2009 and has grown enormously. Today, Bitcoin is valued higher than Disney, IBM, and...

Do You Need Professional Tax Filing Help?

After getting married last year, Mariam Majid knew she needed help filling her taxes. Marriage can mean a big change in filing status, and while she felt comfortable filing before, she new was hesitant to move forward without expertise. Additionally, her new husband...

4 Tax Planning Tips for Real Estate Brokers

As a real estate broker, planning for your taxes is important to avoid unexpected fees and bills. Read how Anil of 212 Tax was able to take the headache out of Jordan of Vanguard Global Real Estate’s taxes with expert advice and filing assistance.

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4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Trustworthy Accountant

David Amirian, a real estate developer in New York City, began to realize his company’s accountant wasn’t performing as well as they should. He had the company books checked by a professional only to discover errors accounting for over $100,000. David knew he needed...

3 Steps to Take When Faced with a Tax Lien

Lindsey Fein found herself in a scary tax situation. After learning her previous employer had failed to pay the state income tax for the last two years of her time there, she was faced with an IRS Lien. She did her best to mediate the situation alone and with her...

212 now has a new satellite location in Brooklyn

To better serve our expanding client base throughout the New York City area, 212 Tax now have a new satellite location in Brooklyn. We can now ensure we will be even more accessible to assist you with your tax issues. This location is by appointment only, so call 212...


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